Beat the world to light

TAGO is based on the slogan of   “Beat the world to light”,
this group conducts various creative activities based on traditional art.

TAGO aims to promote the excellence of Korean music to the world through creative activities.

In 2015, TAGO was designated as a Seoul professional art organization.
In 2016~2017, TAGO participated in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival(the world's three biggest festivals), Our show sold out 16 times and we got 5 stars with the highest rating.
In 2018~2019, We have performed actively in Europe, South America, and North America
and In 2020, There's a performance scheduled in 22 cities in the Netherlands.

TAGO is always trying to find new things and give fun and good music to the public.


ㆍ22 cities of Netherlands tour <  TAGO - Korean Drum Ⅱ >

ㆍA subscription Concert at Seongsu Art Hall : < TAGO - MAD : Man and drum > 
ㆍ< TAGO - MAD > at Nurim Art Hall, Hwaseong-si(city)
ㆍHaenam  Culture-Arts Center's invitation performance : < TAGO - Peace Night >
ㆍThe Argentine Republic-Uruguay < Korean Festival >
The eighth Korea-Japan Cultural Exchange Concert in Osaka < Go with >
ㆍRussia-Germany < Korean Festival >
ㆍChina international fork art Festival : Korean Representative Participation
ㆍGangdong Art Center Planning Concert : < TAGO - MAD >
ㆍTraditional performance Festival 〈One Strings〉

ㆍAn Invitation Concert to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Korea-Tunisia Relationship
ㆍParadise City 2nd Anniversary Concert at CHROMA
ㆍ< The sinchun Concert > organized by Etoday (An opening performance)

ㆍSEOUL ART SPACE, MULLAE - <  One Strings  >
ㆍThe traditional performance Festival <  One Strings  >
ㆍThe Palestine International Festival

ㆍByeolbyeoryeonhui <  The Korean Drum  >
ㆍThe 100th anniversary Music Festival of Latvia's independence
ㆍBangbanggokgok Cultural Sympathy Project   :  <  TAGO Peace Night  >
ㆍFrankfurt, Hungary, Serbia Concert tour

ㆍPittsburgh Festival < The Korean Dru  >
ㆍCulture Day_Small Concert < Geumcheon ArtridgeⅧ >
      : TAGO <  MAD : Man and drum  >
ㆍA performance invited from The Republic of South Africa

ㆍThe Christmas concert < TAGO - MAD : Man and drum >
ㆍA performance invited from Hongkong

Geumnarae Art Hall Project Concert <  TAGO : Korean Drum  >
3M Sales Energizing Event with EMV
Pyeongchang Culture Olympics Certification Project
   : <  TAGO Peace Night  > performance
The Creative performance - technical expansion project showcase
Australia and New Zealand < WOMADelaide Festival > invitation performance
An opening performance on Daemosan Gugak-Eoulim Festival
Dom sindikata, Serbia invitation performance
Sibiu, Rumania International Teatro Festival  invitation performance
London Korea Festival  invitation performance / Olympia Theatre
Bupyeongmunhwasarangbang < The roll of thunder >
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, assembly ballom hall (24 times performances)
Kisan Gugak Festival Celebratory Performance
Spain La Merce Festival  invitation performance
A nationwide tour of dept. Lotte Culture Hall  (Seoul, Bucheon, Suwon, Busan, Anyang, Gimpo)
Mohammed V Theatre, Morocco invitation performance
Whitenight festival, Macedonia invitation performance

Every Thursday permanent performance  < The roll of thunder >
Suwon sat. humanities Concert (opening performance)
The Exciting art tour 〈Jungle Mess〉  -?? 〈Korean Jungle〉
KCC(the Korean cultural center) in Indonesia Jakarta, Bandung
Seongnam Art Center Park Concert <  The Korean Drum : Yeonggo >
Goyang aramnuri 〈Korean Pungnyu Festival〉
Jeontongpungmul invigoration 〈Nanjang Party : Danjong〉
Geumnarae Art Hall - Resident art groups Project Concert 

   <  TAGO : Korean Drum  >
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival participation
The World folk dance Festiwnchlval sponsor & opening performance
 Ilsan KINTEX Talk concert
Mnet < Pan Stiller > appearance on broadcasting
Suwon Hwaseong cultural festival education academies  & Daedongnori performance
 Resident art groups - a visiting cultural performance < Huihuinangnak >
 <  The Korean Drum : Yeonggo > in Ansan
Gwanghwamun square 〈SEOUL ARIRANG FESTIVAL〉
The Exciting gukak tour 〈Korean Jungle〉



P E R F O M A N C E   I N F O



One dancer begins to hold a rite to gather spirits. And she begins to make a rhythm.
The sound of drums and the sound of jings awakens the spirits, The dancer who beats the drum, She plays a drum to give the energy of the earth to the gods of heaven.



Put a tone in the sound.
Music combined with drum, strings, and wooden keys becomes one and fills the space. The four performers become one by expressing their individuality and playing Yul-go together.



There is a color in sound.
It expressed the pulse of a dynamic man reminiscent of blood.



It is a dance that expresses the years of Korean women.
Time passes through the dancer's steps and arms.
Through the walk of the toe of a padded sock,
it presents a dance wishing for peace.



Janggo sound is a living leather sound that boosts the pulse of men
who worked in the land where our lives were based.
Become performers unite in the melody, it means unity for peace and
good luck in the village.



The earth holds man in one place and embraces him with abundance.
Over the years, the land is constantly grounding over to allow new life
to grow. The sound of the earth and the drumming of the earth from
the great life brings back the inner parts of the deep, heavy earth.
And the delicate and soft dance moves make the earth blessings and joys.
There is a splendid movement and melody. It contains the deep inner
spirit and pulse of South Korea.



It was reinterpreted as a 'Korean clown' with a concept created by
comparing it to the character 'Joker'. They are the most colorful on stage,
but when they come down after the stage, an unknown emptiness comes
in. It expresses the life of a Korean version of the clown, which sublimates
inner sadness to outward joy with Korean drumming and dancing.



It means the harmonizing drumming of all gods coexisting in space.
It brings together the contrast of the universe into a space.
In other words, it creates a place of harmony between heaven and earth, water and fire, nature and all the opposites that exist in man.